I offer Zoom or telephone sessions throughout the UK or you can choose a flexible blend of in-person and online counselling sessions.

My Online and Telephone Counselling Service is certified.

Popularity of Online Counselling

When the UK was first hit by restrictions due to Covid 19 in early 2020, online counselling was a saviour for many counselling clients. They could continue ‘seeing’ their counsellors and therapists, in spite of restrictions, from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Since then we have come a long way.

Why choose online counselling over or together with in-person counselling?

Given long NHS waiting lists, many people choose online counselling so that they get the help they need quickly, and in an accessible way.

With online counselling you get the same dedication from your counsellor as you would with in-person counselling, with the advantage that your sessions will be at a time and a location that suits you.

You may have a busy schedule, or travel around the UK a great deal, in which case, online counselling could offer you significant flexibility.

Possibly you are a vulnerable person who is isolating, or you are home-bound following an illness or surgery, in which case online counselling is probably the only practical option open to you.

You maybe a sole carer who is not able to leave the house for too long, in which case online counselling provides you with easier access to support that you may not otherwise find so readily available.

Will online counselling be as effective as in-person counselling?

Just as with in-person counselling your counsellor works with you in order to help you overcome your difficulties.

Research studies have shown that online counselling can be as effective as in-person counselling.

In fact, some people feel more comfortable in a digital setting in the privacy of their own home.

Online counselling is not just for younger people who have grown up with the technology - people of all ages have taken to it and see the benefits.

Some people may even prefer to have sessions delivered remotely because they find it easier to talk to their counsellor in this way.

One of the most critical factors in counselling is finding the right counsellor for you and your specific needs and this may not be achievable locally. Online counselling opens up the choice of counsellors from across the UK.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video-conferencing technology that can be used on a desktop PC or mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Zoom has become a highly popular and secure tool for counselling sessions and is recognised for its ease of use.

What if I am unfamiliar with Zoom?

If you are unfamiliar with Zoom and would like to use it, I can provide advice and guidance.